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Which One Is Better in NCM and LFP?

Both types of lithium-ion batteries have their pros and cons. The competition for “better battery” really depends on the application you need to use the battery with. Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are used with portable and stationary devices. They can be placed in anything like a mobile phone or a battery backup application.

Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide batteries have proven themselves to be capable of handling big tasks like powering vehicles. Products from DUAK combine the benefits from of multiple technologies; high power density, high power capacity, deep discharge ability, long-life, and SAFETY into one Technology by using 1/3 of each (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) NMC paired with our Lithium.

Specific Energy vs. Specific Power

Specific energy is the amount of energy the battery can hold in relation to its size/weight. In batteries, this is measured in w/kg, (watts per kilogram). This is important to consider because it tells us how large and how heavy your battery is, in addition to how much total power it can hold. Just like many things in life, the smaller and lighter.

People often use a bottle of water to explain this. Think of a large bottle of water. The amount of water the bottle can hold would be the specific energy. If you could smash more water into a smaller bottle, it would have a higher specific energy. 

Specific power is the amount of power a battery can release at any given moment, or for a period of time. Again, think about that large bottle of water, holding all of that water, or power. If you pour out that bottle, the amount of water/power that can flow out of the small mouth of the water bottle would be limited. It might take some time to fully pour out the water. Batteries are the same, only releasing a set amount of power at a time, or over a period of time. 

The same principle works for charging batteries, and generally, those with a higher specific power can charge faster – just the same way you can fill a water bottle with a larger hole faster.

Scientists and manufacturers have tinkered with various materials to produce high specific energy/high specific power cells. But power variations do exist among the different types of lithium-ion batteries. 

Let’s discuss with DUAK team to get more information or choose a good battery for your application.


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